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Joshua Tabor

During his years in Germany Joshua worked at many different dressage and

jumping stables where he gained invaluable experience. He started out at Franke Sloothaak's stable, witnessing many training sessions from Franke and other riders at Franke's stable. Then Joshua spend some time at Markus and Meredith Beerbaum's stable where he first met a young Shutterfly who, later on became Meredith' top mount in the World Cup Finals. Joshua worked his fair share in the stables and traveled to many international show jumping competitions, grooming for top riders.

In between his stints at show jumping stables, Joshua also worked at a few dressage stables, including Johannes Augustin's stable. Working at both dressage and jumping stables gave Joshua a well rounded education. Later on Joshua became a stallion rider at the Holsteiner Verband in Elmshorn. Due to his feel and special touch with young and difficult stallions, Joshua quickly gained recognition. Even the most difficult stallions turned into ridable well mannered mounts after they spend some time in Joshua's training program. Joshua's last position before moving to the US was as a barn rider for famous Holsteiner breeder Timm Peters.

Joshua enjoys the process of scouting, buying and selling high quality sport horses. Over the past 15 years many horses have found their way to success with new owners through the hands of Joshua.




Joshua is also an active show rider. You can find him in the low jumper classes introducing young inexperienced horses to a career in show jumping but you will also find him competing all the way up to International Grand Prix level. Often Joshua's help is enlisted to reintroduce a jumper to the show ring after it developed behavioral or stopping issues. Joshua's patient but persistent training techniques often help these horses make a comeback. Joshua is a member of the Israeli equestrian team and was invited to compete in the Nations Cup in Wellington in February 2014.


Joshua and Casparo at the Pin Oak Grand Prix

"Cluny", a Holsteiner gelding discovered, bought and sold by Joshua went on to the compete in the World Cup Finals with his new rider

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